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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

At the museum

I had a meeting last week at the Michener Art Museum. It's in Doylestown, PA in the cultural district, directly across the street from the Mercer Museum.

Both of the buildings are gorgeous - love the stone work. I walked around the grounds to see the Steve Tobin exhibit.

This picture is deceiving, the sculptures are huge!

You can get a sense of scale in this and the following photos. Can you see the wall and building in the background?

I love seeing the diverse exhibitions that the Michener offers visitors. Remember the Grace Kelly exhibition that I told you about? That is my all-time favorite!

Speaking of favorites...this is my favorite sculpture from this exhibit. It's so cool. Look closely. Can you see the individual letters? It's cast and bronze. 

Do you go to museums?


1CardCreator said...

I can see why that is your favorite piece, looks like it is mine too. ~Diane

Vee said...

Syntax looks like a metaphor for Blogdom! Always interesting to see new things that make one ponder.

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