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Friday, February 21, 2014

Neat and Tidy? Not!

Our guest room was Flyboy's bedroom. Now, he's been married for 8 months, and was in college for 4 years before that. He still has so many things in that bedroom and it's not organized. He comes, roots around for a few things and leaves it as is. I understand that he has his own home and things to do, but dang I want it cleaned out and organized. So I've been packing things up one box at a time. This way whenever they come over or we go to their house I take one box. The closet is completely cleaned out, it's just all of his "stuff."

I don't want to just pack everything up and put it in the attic, there are things that I don't think are worth saving, but that's his call. And, I know for a fact there are things that our Happy Homemaker won't want at their house either.

The top of the white cupboard that the globe sits on is the only neat and tidy corner in the room. Organizing the room is certainly not a priority, but it's on my some day to do list. I would like to be able to leave the door open and not feel anxious when I walk by. By the way it looks like I need to wind up the clocks.

 I will have the room in order by June when our Texans come to visit. Our Fireman, his flame and the kids are all coming. Yeah!! It's the first time that we are meeting the kids, so I'm a bit nervous.

We had the oddest weather today...thunderstorms with torrential downpours, temps that reached 63 and snow on the ground in 3-4 foot piles from shoveling, plus what about 1 foot left just covering the ground, then add in some dense fog. It was surreal. But, guess what? you don't have to shovel snow:)

How are you all doing?


Cheryl said...

My daughter has been married for going on 8 years now.... I am still sending home her things she has left at my house after all these years! lol Just yesterday I sent home a cardboard tube of her old posters--- I told her they are now "vintage" and not to toss them out lol
I might as well get some enjoyment from all this right? lol
big hugs,

Emma Pearce said...

Boys eh? I have 3 and I am fearful that they will never leave home and I will always have closed doors upstairs ;) When they do settle down I think I will enjoy making spare rooms and maybe a craft studio, that is a long way off though as the eldest is only 12 hehe!

Vee said...

I don't want to scare you, but my kids are in their 30s and I am STILL doing this. It drives me bonkers and I'm also doing it for two nieces. Ai yi yi. Auntie's got cheap storage that's what I say. And, of course, you want your room back so that you can have a nice guest room or a tv room or something that you would enjoy.

We got that same weather system yesterday and last night we had the thunderstorms. Weird very. It is a treacherous mess out there this morning.

podso said...

I've been through what you're doing. And some of it they aren't' sure of--they don't want to let it go but don't necessarily want it at their house … yet … that's what attics are for, of course. We had the same globe and I've been wishing I had it back, I can't even remember what we did with it!

Jeanie said...

Our weather has been weird too -- at least the sun is out!

Rick went through that when the boys left and now their old room is the home office of Well Magic International! Between the two houses we will always have a spot for them!

Susan said...

Hi Leann...Doing a-okay here in Western Massachusetts. It was 45 degrees today! Heat wave! Fabulous. I drove with the car windows down (and my scarf still on.) Soooo refreshing.

I know what you mean about wanting bedrooms clean, neat, and guest-ready. Keep packing that stuff in boxes and heave-ho! That room will be guest-ready in no time. I'm like you----I like neat bedrooms you can walk by and feel happy about.

Take care and have a sweet Sunday. Susan

1CardCreator said...

Somehow when they leave home they leave little and big parts of them to contend with, lol. I am sure you will get it done in time for the visit. Glad you did not have snow too! ~Diane

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

I know what you mean about walking by the room and having the door closed. My daughter spends most of the time at boyfriends house. She is hardly ever home and the room sits as it is. She will probably leave most of it behind too, just as your son has. I love the idea of boxing it up, and bringing one a time over to his house! lol My older daughter had left a big box of bowling trophies here, and I kept telling her to take them. One day when she visited,I put them in her car. Stay warm, the cold is coming back around!


Patti said...

My kids have been gone for years now. I have their rooms to play in. How did I ever get by without that space? Lol!

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