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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

John "Daddy" Walton

The Walton's was and is still one of my favorite TV shows. I have the entire series on DVD, including the original TV movie - The Homecoming. Of course Ralph Waite was not cast as John Walton in the original movie, he starred as Daddy in the TV series. I've heard a lot of people on TV call him Papa Walton...grrr. Get it right, there was Grandpa, Zeb Walton who was played by Will Geer and then there was Daddy, John Walton.

I love the family values and the simplistic setting of Walton's Mountain. It reminds me of the many stories that my Gram told about growing up during the depression. The cast of characters makes you feel like you are part of the family.

More recently I've liked Ralph Waite as a priest on Days of Our Lives, as well as Gibbs' father on NCIS. His death really made me feel sad, like someone I know died.

If you are a fan of The Walton's, I've seen that they are running the series again on our local channels. I'm sure that you would be able to find the shows on the Internet too.

BTW - We got another 2-3 inches of snow again today if anyone is interested. Did I shovel? Nope! I just cleaned off the car and drove right through it.


podso said...

So sorry you have had more snow. I have noticed the hallmark channel is running old Waltons.

Bookie said...

So glad to find another Walton fan. I so loved that show! I cried through Mary Ellen's wedding like it were for real. And yes, now all the oldsters from the program on gone...so sad, each death felt personal. But so does John Boy's aging!

Susan said...

hahahahaha Oh Leann, you are so funny. Loved that you didn't shovel this time----just drove right through it. I can just see you stepping on that gas pedal! That was great. I do the same thing. My right shoulder still hurts from shoveling.

I felt the same as you about Daddy Walton. He was a fine actor....extremely real and believable.

And guess what? I watch re-runs of the Waltons almost every single night. If I come across one I've never seen before, it makes me extra happy.

Hope your day goes well. Susan

1CardCreator said...

I think we are tired of shoveling white stuff here too! It has been a long and snowy winter for many of us, looking forward to warmer temps. I too enjoyed the Waltons. ~Diane

McVal said...

I loved the Waltons too!!! I felt like part of their family too.

Vee said...

It was a sad week with the back to back loss of Shirley Temple and Ralph Waite. I'm sure that there is a collective sense of loss across the country as John Walton was everyone's daddy for a lot of years.

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